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"Frank worked seamlessly with our sales, business development and financial teams. He felt more like one of our own employees than an outside attorney, which gave us the quality of service and response times we required to maintain our aggressive growth."

~ John Wallace, Vice-President of North American Sales, Iron Mountain Digital Services



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Legal Services

Commercial Transactions, Drafting & Negotiations. Draft and negotiate domestic and international commercial transactions. Streamline standard form agreements for nondisclosure issues, intellectual-property licensing, enterprise software licenses, professional services, OEM distribution, joint marketing, sales agents, web hosting, voice-over IPs, virtual private networks, network-firewall monitoring, Internet service-provider distribution, on-line auctions, employee and executive relationships, project-based consulting, commercial leasing and settlement and release disputes.

New Business Organizations & Venture-Capital Funding. Establish new business entities and international or domestic subsidiaries. Expertise in guiding entrepreneurs in choosing appropriate business entities, which best suites their circumstances. Capable of establishing such entities quickly. Well versed in the complicated process of establishing and maintaining all forms of legal entities: C corporations, S corporations, limited-liability companies, partnerships, limited-liability partnerships and business trusts in a variety of states. Provide legal support for venture-capital fundraising efforts.

Corporate Governance, Merger & Acquisitions. Provide day-to-day legal and business issues support associated with running and developing fast-growing enterprises. Maintain corporate books and records. Ensure compliance with required filing deadlines. Manage and participated in due-diligence exercises on behalf of buyers and sellers of corporate entities and negotiate the resulting mergers and acquisitions agreements and/or asset-purchase agreements.

Intellectual-Property Planning & Protection. Experience in managing complex company intellectual-property portfolio, including trademarks, service marks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets. Capable of filing for trademarks and/or service marks at the federal level in front of the US Patent and Trademark Office and applicable state-level filings. Developed and introduced patent-discovery protection, domestic and international intellectual-property protection and educational programs to dozens of corporations.

Dispute Resolution & Investigations. Represent clients in all types of corporate dispute and investigations. Coordinated and managed internal due diligence, interviews and responses in investigations conducted by the FBI, the Justice Department, the Department of Defense, the Environmental Protection Agency and numerous other state and federal agencies on behalf of domestic and international corporate clients. Can help to resolve small disputes without paying more in fees than the dispute is worth.

Import/Export Issues. Experience in all aspects of international corporate transactions, having researched the exportation and importation of encryption technology of over 50 nations. Experience navigating the maze of import and export regulations in a timely manner. Significant experience in developing and implementing compliance programs that satisfy these very complicated regulations. Provide training to administer these programs easily once they are put in place and provide auditing services to ensure continued compliance.


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